The Beach Party

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“Bound to be the hit thriller of the summer!” – T.M. Logan

“The Beach Party is the perfect summer read.” – B.A. Paris

“Thrilling, twisting and gloriously 80’s. The Beach Party is a heart-stopping read.” – Chris Whittaker

“Sun-soaked, fast-paced and almost unbearably tense, this is the perfect holiday page turner.” – Ellery Lloyd

“I guzzled it down in a couple of sittings.” – Laura Marshall

“Toxic friends on a luxury holiday is a cocktail for a fantastic read!” – Liv Matthews

“This gem of a novel is sure to grace many a sun-lounger this summer and deservedly so.” – Caz Frear

Six friends.

The holiday of their dreams.

One night that changed it all …

1989: The tunes are loud and the clothes are louder when a group of friends arrives in Mallorca for a post-graduation holiday of decadence and debauchery at a luxury villa.

A beach party marks the pinnacle of their fun, until it isn’t fun any longer. Because amidst the wild partying – sand flying from dancing feet and revellers leaping from yachts – an accident happens. Suddenly, the night of a lifetime becomes a living nightmare.

Now: The truth about the summer has been collectively buried. But someone knows what happened that night.

And they want the friends to pay for what they did.