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To escape her husband Jack, Alison has moved house, changed jobs and changed her name – but is convinced he has tracked her down at last. While librarian Alison struggles to please her disapproving boss, Mrs Painter, she is convinced Jack is following her and feels increasingly overwhelmed with loneliness and fear. She is also certain she recognises a woman who keeps approaching her at work and sitting with her in the staff canteen, but she can’t remember why. To add to her unease, she can’t even remember why she left her husband. She knows he hurt her so she wonders whether she suffered domestic abuse. Was it bad enough to cause her amnesia? Then the mention of a once-familiar name brings a lifetime of memories flooding back and, as long as Alison doesn’t lose her mind first, she may be able to unlock the truth at last. All In Her Head is a clever, impressive and instantly gripping debut novel, full of suspense and intrigue. A series of surprising twists will make your head spin in the build up to a moving yet chilling finale.


Alison is happy keeping herself to herself and fills her time with a job in a library where her boss is aloof and particular. She is sure her ex-husband Jack is stalking her. Jack is angry and drinking too much. Why is Alison so scared? Who is Sarah and why does she seem determined to befriend Alison? A tense and powerful read about how a seemingly perfect life can fall apart in an instant.


Not many psychological thrillers give their readers genuine insights into psychology but Nikki Smith’s debut is a shining exception. The narrator, Alison, is oppressed by fears related to an event in her past which she can’t remember – or won’t. Who is the woman she keeps meeting, who she knows she knows? Why do mysterious objects from her past pop up in her flat? Is she in danger from her estranged husband? Some of the answers come halfway through the book in a twist that will make you feel like you’ve been hit by an express train.
But it becomes even more gripping thereafter as an examination of how thin the line is between
sanity and madness and shows how easily circumstances could shunt any of us over it.


Alison wants to escape her past and live a peaceful, quiet life. But she is convinced that her ex-husband Jack is stalking her, and freaks out about strange occurrences that take place at work and at home.

You’ll presume this story will go down a well-trodden path but just as you become complacent, Smith expertly takes the narrative in an unexpected direction that makes you sit up and reassess everything you thought you knew. What follows is a compassionate and insightful portrayal of a heartbreaking condition that isn’t widely talked about, but affects many.

A confident and thought-provoking debut – we can’t wait to see what’s next.


Things in Alison’s life are not making sense any more. She’s convinced her ex is following her, and then there’s the strange woman she keeps seeing. Is she losing her mind or do people just want her to think that?

So original.


Alison has never felt more alone or afraid. She knows there’s something in her past that has led her to this point – and yet, she can’t remember what. Until one name stirs an array of devastating memories and the truth starts flooding back. As the conclusion approaches, a crucial piece of information is finally revealed, shattering Alison’s world view forever and twisting the reader’s perception to an astonishing degree.

As soon as you’ve finished, you’ll be dying to start again to try and spot the clues you missed. Clever and haunting, the psychological element is masterfully interwoven with the different perspectives and time jumps.


In this tense psychological thriller, Alison is convinced that her ex-husband is following her. She knows she has a good reason to be afraid but can’t quite seem to remember why.


Alison is convinced that her ex-husband Jack is following her – and is certain she recognises the strange woman who keeps approaching her at work. She knows she has a good reason to be afraid, but she can’t remember why. Then, the mention of one name brings a whole lifetime of memories rushing back, and it could just lead her to the truth.

A brilliant thriller.


Alison has never been more alone. She’s sure her ex-husband Jack is following her, and that she recognises the strange woman who talks to her at work. She knows she has a good reason to be afraid. She can’t remember why. Then the mention of one name brings the memories back. Is she losing her mind – or reaching the truth?

A page-turning thriller.


A gripping thriller is the ideal way to distract yourself from the news, and Nikki Smith’s ALL IN HER HEAD is a real find – told from the dual perspectives of a woman and the ex she thinks is stalking her, it’ll keep you guessing right to the end.