All In Her Head

Alison feels like she’s losing her mind.

She is convinced that her ex-husband Jack is following her. She’s certain she recognises the strange woman who keeps approaching her at work.

She knows she has a good reason to be afraid. But she can’t remember why.

Then the mention of one name brings a lifetime of memories – and the truth – crashing back . . .

Reviews for ALL IN HER HEAD . . .

‘Cleverly written, haunting and compelling.’ KAREN HAMILTON – author of The Perfect Girlfriend

‘Tense & very moving.’ HARRIET TYCE – author of Blood Orange

‘A modern, clever, daring story that grips from the thrilling opening scene to the final page.’ AMANDA REYNOLDS – author of Close to Me, Lying to You & The Hidden Wife

‘What a stunning debut this is – chilling, emotional and full of surprises, impossible to put down.’ CLARE EMPSON – author of Him & Mine

‘Masterful & clever … Nikki Smith is the queen of misdirection … a spectacular debut.’ LAUREN NORTH – author of The Perfect Betrayal

‘An intense, haunting tale in which nothing is quite what it seems … Brilliantly written – a hugely impressive debut.’ T M LOGAN – author of The Holiday, 29 Seconds & Lies

‘Bloody hell this book is powerful, tense and a bit terrifying. It had my head spinning. Nikki Smith is a major new talent’ LAURA PEARSON – author of Missing Pieces, Nobody’s Wife & I Wanted You To Know

‘Just finished reading and thought it was brilliant. Powerful, completely messing with early perception of the narrative, beautifully written and facing full on with the subject matter it deals with’ LIZ BARNSLEY – Book blogger (Liz Loves Books)

‘An intense psychological thriller full of twists and turns, yet at the same time a convincing and emotional portrait of motherhood.’ JENNY QUINTANA – author of The Missing Girl & Our Dark Secret

‘A tense, compelling and haunting debut which had me gripped from the first page.’ VICTORIA SELMAN – author of Snakes & Ladders, Nothing to Lose & Blood for Blood

‘All In Her Head is an instantly gripping story on a timely theme, written with flair. A psychological thriller with real heart and depth.’ LISA BALLANTYNE – author of Little Liar, The Guilty One & Redemption Road

‘Finished Nikki Smith’s incredible debut All In Her Head – I highly recommend this book.’ LOUISE FEIN – author of People Like Us

‘This is a very clever and emotionally charged debut. I have been glued to it all afternoon!’ LESLEY KARA – author of The Rumour & Who Did You Tell?

‘Gripping and emotionally devastating.’ EMMA CURTIS – author of One Little Mistake, The Night You Left & When I Find You

‘Such a clever, thought-provoking and topical debut. Smith really messes with your head which given the themes, drives the power of the novel. This one really deserves all the praise, and surpasses the hype.’ LOUISE BEECH – author of I Am Dust, Call Me Star Girl, Maria in the Moon, How to be Brave, The Lion Tamer Who Lost & The Mountain in my Shoe

‘I’ve just finished this fab thriller and it’s gripping and moving and I suggest you order it now.’ LAURA MARSHALL- author of Three Little Lies & Friend Request

‘Having only recently devoured All In Her Head, can I add it is excellent.’ SARAH VAUGHAN – author of Little Disasters & Anatomy of a Scandal

‘I really loved this book … I didn’t want the story to end. Brilliant closing chapter.’ EMMA CHRISTIE – author of The Silent Daughter

‘Wow, finished this in a heart-breaking rush this morning. An incredibly moving story, beautifully written. My heart was in my mouth.’ CHARLOTTE DUCKWORTH – author of The Rival & Unfollow Me

‘It is totally unexpected and heart-wrenching – not your average psych thriller at all!’ ELLE CROFT – author of Like Mother Like Daughter, The Guilty Wife & The Other Sister

‘Sped through this in less than 48 hours with that ‘need to know’ feeling spurring me on. Tense, creepy, but ultimately touching.’ NINA MANNING – author of The Daughter In Law & Her Darkest Fear

‘Really enjoyed AIHH – intelligent, moving and gripping.’ ROZ WATKINS – author of Cut to the Bone, The Devil’s Dice & Dead Man’s Daughter

‘This book is a masterpiece of the slow reveal, and brilliantly showcases the best psychological thrillers have to offer.’ PHILIPPA EAST – author of Little White Lies

‘I’ve just finished this important, visceral novel – excellently written and structured. My heart hurts. Bravo, Nikki Smith.’ FIONA MITCHELL – author of The Swap & The Maid’s Room

‘It’s well written, intricately plotted and a rollercoaster of a read. Well done Nikki Smith, you’ve nailed it.’ LISA TIMONEY – author of LisaTimoneyWrites